I'm just an aimless traveler

(...) lost in the noise of silence

I look for an exit of this torment

A purpose to calms my regrets

Funeral Inconscientemente Natural



Returned in 2019 to release their new album in celebration of their 13th years of music.

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Handmade art from Chile, Spain, Belgium & Estonia

FIN is inspired by the complexity of society, consciousness and human life-style. Founded by Alexis Brantes; a designer in-love with art, history, philosophy, science and technology in 2006 with the demo Tierra de Olvido (August 13th), as a side-project from the Gothic Metal band The Sad Darkness of thy Love. Alexis soon understand the essence of FIN and what people was looking and waiting from the project. That force to call for members to join the experimental project.

The sound of FIN are influenced by life in itself; an ever changing cycle that moves from Experimental Psychedelic to Drone, from Dark Ambient to Atmosphere Doom, from Black Doom to Death Doom, from Atmospheric Funeral Doom to Gothic Metal and so on. But music is just a simple part of what FIN really is. This is about reflections, perspective, art conceptualization and free expression. There is not a metanarrative to care about, just be yourself. There is no way to see thing as good or bad, both just are part of your understanding. So, FIN is a manifestation of unconscious; a visual, critical, musical, plastic and strange flow that turns cryptic in time. With that in mind, FIN is a reflection about life and the complexity of human interactions.

FIN is an international project

One of the Atmospheric Funeral Doom's pioners from Chile. Represented the country in North and South America, Europe and Asia, on where 10 labels was interested in release their albums, splits and Eps.

That amazing labels was: North and South Americas: Gelid Glacier Records (U.S.A.), Nokturnal Transmissions Records (U.S.A.), 9th Meridian Records (U.S.A. & Canada), Kasputin Yar Records (U.S.A. & Russia) and FunerART Experimental Label (Chile). EUROPE: FunerART French Division (France), OVRDS MUSIC Label (Belgium), Heraldry Of Darkness (Spain) and Satanarsa Records (Russia). ASIA: Sabbathid Records (Japan).

But with that amazing labels, FIN meets amazing bands that shared their support and work together for compilations, splits, ep's and tracks, covering exotic and amazing countries like Grave Solace [Egypt], Overhaul in Damnation [Singapore], Úden [Chile], Voice Transmission with the Deceased (VTWTD) [Chile], (((O))) [Mexico], Korolev Zond [U.S.A./Russia], Tomhet [U.S.A./Canada] and Throudos [Chile/Norway] wich we released four splits and two 3-way splits. Also we have support from amazing artist for the development of our art thanks to Art of Empathy [Belgium], Oddvar a:m [Norway], No Heaven [France], VONN [Norway], Stijn Van Cauter [Belgium], Fliegend [Chile], Underneath [Chile], Falling Angels [Chile], Animus Mortis [Chile], NØN: Negative ør Nothing [Chile], Aseidad [Chile] and Nightless [Chile].

FIN was part of different projects and help to others bands to grow and inspired them to follow the concept of "postmodernist doom" or "posmodroom" (more drone than doom compared with the postmodernist doom). That bands was Funeral Memories (R.I.P) [Chile], Frustration Emotions (Split-up) [Chile], KOWT: Knight of White Triangle (Split-up) [Argentina/Chile/Mexico/Republica Dominicana], A.B.O.U.T.T.H.E.L.I.G.H.T.: Agonicos bramidos opacados unicamente tras Transmisiones herejes electronicas Luminosas influencias geneticas heredadas tristemente (Split-up) [Chile], La Última Frontera – The Last Border – La Dernière Frontiere – Die letzte Grenze – Uma última Fronteira [Chile/Belgium/Mexico/France/Brazil] TEMPLVM DOMINI (Split-up) [Argentina/Chile/Mexico/Republica Dominicana/France], XDimension (Split-up) [Chile] and Amélie (Split-up) [Chile/Belgium/France].

Note Side projects: Dios Incandescente, Experimental Electronic / Drone / posmodroom (Solo Project) and Cadavra, Dark Alternative Rock (web)

  • Founded inAugust 13, 2006
  • ResidenceCL/ES/EE/BE
  • Last release Voyageur (2019)

Thank you for this 15 years of support

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From the first day, FIN count with support from amazing people, beautiful personas from Belgium, Spain, France, Mexico, Singapore, Egypt, Norway, Germany, Russia, Brazil, U.S.A., Japan and Estonia.

People with great projects, with an own perspective of life and cosmovision that share the same feeling for a time, the time of a track. They was the first in believe in this art and have my love and are part of my memories.

In this 15 years of life I saw a lot of interest and support, in special from those who be there, in the backstage; helping to create every track. my special thanks are for Amélie Vergnon (Belgium), Mar Ga Ra (Spain), Bich(((o))) (Mexico), Djé Pasqualin (France), José Brantes (Chile), Faizal (Singapore), Nicolás Jara (Chile), Felipe Arancibia (Chile), Victor Prades (Chile), Past members of FIN, webzines, All the labels & artist wich I worked.

Thanks for this 15 years.
Alexis Brantes


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Current Line-Up

Alexis Brantes - Lyrics, Concept , Voice, all Instruments
(Dios Incandescente - Cadavra)
Felipe Arancibia - Bass & Accoustic Guitar
Víctor Prades - Guitar and Drums
(Cadavra - Underneath)
Salvador González - Guitar
(Spes Nostra - ex-Luciferian Kommando)

Invited artist
Faizal - Guitar
Bich(((o))) - Keyboards
Djé - Keyboards - (No Heaven - Diana Rising)

Past members

Nicolás Onfray - Bass
(Animvs Mortis, The Last Knell, Inhibidor)
Doomed (R.I.P.) - Guitar
(Funeral Memories)
Marcelo Vivallo - Voice
Blasphemo Da Morte - 2nd Guitar
(Lamentos De Agonía - Suffering Dusks)
Nicolás Aedo (aka Ae-Doom) - Drums
(Fliegend - Ae-Doom)
Patricio Saavedra - Guitar
(Underneath - Falling Angels)
Derek Salinas - Guitar
Nicolás (aka Nhiver) - Guitar
(NØN: Negative ør Nothing - Fliegend)
Emma-O - Voice
(ex-Say Just Words)
Noktvrno Wolf (aka Lobo) - Bass
(Jord Av Djevel)
Nicolás Jara - Voice & Accoustic Guitar
(Frustration Emotions)
Cristobal Romero - Guitar

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